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EaterWire: Yerba Buena Joins the Wine Club and MORE

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YERBA BUENA—The evolution of Yerba Buena Lane continues well beyond Beard Papa. Right next to the upcoming Jewish Museum will be Press Club, which bills itself not as a wine bar, but as "an urban tasting room." Fortunately, some intensive research on the already-pretty website reveals that it is actually a wine bar, which in turn means that Yerba Buena Lane will officially arrive as a hub in the springtime. [EaterWire]

THE MISSION—From a tipster comes word of a new restaurant in the Mission: "Keep an eye out for a new Carribean [or African] restaurant called Olufé on 22nd and Mission ... and it's opening next month. The owner, Jaiye, is super amiable. According to their business card, the website is going to be but it's not up yet." [EaterWire Inbox]

TENDERLOIN—We had an Al Gore sighting earlier at Sens, and this afternoon, Rudy Giuliani stopped by ... the Van Ness Mel's Drive-In? The Republican presidential candidate shook hands, kissed babies and then left in a cloud of smoke: "Minutes after Giuliani strode out, followed by his retinue of staff, security and supporters, and after reporters cleared out their cameras, about a dozen somewhat bemused-looking diners remained." Ah, if only Rudy knew the real reason why mid-afternoon Tenderloin diners are bemused. [SFE]