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The Dish Bonus: Serpentine's Menu Revealed!

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Earlier today, owner Erin Rooney declared Serpentine open for business and now we've got our hands on a copy of the opening lunch and dinner menus. So while the official site stays under construction, if you're curious as to what Slow Club's chef Chris Kronner has up his sleeve for an encore performance, do take the hop.


Puree of Carrot Soup
Horseradish crème fraiche $6

Gem Lettuce salad
hot pepper vinaigrette - affine blue cheese $6

Savoy Spinach salad
watermelon radish - sieved egg, tarragon garlic cream - zoe’s bacon $9.50
add white shrimp $3

Mixed greens
persimmon - crispy onions - fromage blanc -champagne/citrus vinaigrette $9.50
add chicken $2

Savory bread pudding
King trumpet mushrooms - fennel – greens $9.50

Pulled pork sandwich
torpedo roll - english cheddar - medium cooked egg - cornichon - yellow mustard greens/fries $9.50

Smoked turkey sandwich
ny rye - emmenthaler - king trumpet mushrooms - greens /fries $9.50

Prather Ranch Hamburger
Oliveto roll - butter lettuce - pickled red onion - Greens/fries $11.50
add affine blue or gruyere $1.50

Baked chicken pot pie
winter vegetables – frisee $12.50

Grilled lamb riblets
pickled shallots - parsley root puree - wild arugula $14.50

Grilled mahi mahi
roasted ruby crescent potatoes - castroville artichokes - baby mustard greens - lemon aioli $14.50

side of fries $4
side of braised beet greens $4
side of bacon $3


Chantenay carrot soup;
horseradish creme fraiche $6

Savoy spinach salad
smoked bacon - watermelon radish - fresh peas -sieved egg - tarragon garlic cream $8.50

baby spigariello
pepper vinaigrette- anson mills, farro - affine blue $8.50

marinated baby chioggia beets
fromage blanc $8.50

baby leeks
sauce gribiche - fried capers $7.50

crispy oysters
french beans - rouille $9.50

rabbit liver pate
whole grain mustard - seckle pear - toast $8.50

grilled lamb riblets
pickled shallots - parsley root puree - wild arugula $13.50

warm ruby crescent potatoes
baked artichoke - white shrimp - little gem lettuce - lemon aioli $12.50

savory bread pudding
king trumpet mushrooms - fennel - emmenthaler - add greens and roasted baby carrots $12.50

prather ranch hamburger
acme roll - butter lettuce - crispy shallots $11.50
add gruyere or blue $1.50

braised buffalo short ribs
Anson Mills stone cut oats - grilled persimmon - erbette chard $20.50

grilled chicken breast
roasted baby carrots - brussels sprouts -chestnut puree - whole grain mustard $17.50

seared black cod
sunchoke and parsnip chowder - savory clams - bacon - lovage $20.50

roasted rabbit leg
brown butter nettles - spaetzle $18.50

marin sun farms flat iron steak
roasted black Spanish radish - english pea mash - baby red mustard greens $24.50

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