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Eater Inside Sneak Peek: Kabuki Kitchen

As you can tell by the above exterior shot, things aren't quite complete at Kabuki Kitchen on the corner of Post and Fillmore, but rest assured the mega-project is close to completion and still slated to debut Friday. Surely you remember all the details, but if not, here they are: there will be three separate dining/drinking venues within the remodeled movie theater, all under the control of Boulevard vet Vincent Schofield. The top floor of the new cinema will house a casual bistro eatery. On the second floor, there will be a self-contained bar, and pictured above is the adjacent, street-level restaurant. Of the three, the restaurant has the most ways to go in this final week, but lucky for you, while exploring the new theater, the kids over at Curbed also took a look inside the (quite picturesque) bistro and bar areas. Their mass of findings follows:

The view of the second floor bar from the main lobby.

Inside the bar: dark, dim, more lounge than bar, windows for your hips down?

Inside the bistro: very minimalist, planky, cafe-like.

The main lobby from afar. Note the second floor bar and the third floor bistro/cafe.

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