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The Shutter: Luisa's Closes Suddenly, "Temporarily"

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Reports of any and all closings around town arrive via The Shutter. See a restaurant or bar that has recently folded? Your sightings to

Big news from Cow Hollow: notorious restaurateur Luisa Hanson's eponymous Union Street restaurant was shuttered all. weekend. long. The first night of closure—announced via crayon, by the way (above)—for Luisa's came on Friday night, continued throughout the weekend, and to the best of our knowledge, extends to this very moment. What might cause a restaurant to suddenly close for (at least) an entire weekend during the busiest time of the year, you ask? Apparently, Hanson and Co. are merely doing "some planned renovations on the plumbing." Planned plumbing. Insert quizzical look here. They say they expect to reopen in "a couple days," but regardless, you simply know that the Barleycorn Survivors are loving this development.
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