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Citysearch Proves Stereotypes Are Alive, Well

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As new web resources continue to pop up on a weekly basis and with the Yelp crazy Kool-Aid only becoming less and less diluted, Citysearch has been forced to up the ante in its quest to remain relevant. Thanks to a tipster, we have word that some of Citysearch's recent attempts are, well, a bit ridiculous. Quoth the Citysearch user*: "I was looking around online this morning and saw that there are two special editorial lists on the local frontpage. One is for 'Girls Night Out' and one is for 'Guys Night Out'. Kinda handy right? Right, except for the fact that all the girly options brag about fruity drinks and all the choices for guys are meat-related. I mean really? Can't they put a little more thought into it? Do all girls drink strawberry cocktails? Why don't we just say boys are blue and girls are pink? What year are we in, 1997?"

Clearly, some investigation is in order. So without further ado, here are the carnivorous restaurant listings on the "Guys Night Out" page on Citysearch:

Jones Restaurant: Corn dogs and American machismo alike get makeovers at this roadhouse-inspired Marina joint.

Hooters: For some traditional testosterone-fuelled [sic] fun, head to this hot-wing hangout.

Jillian's: Grab some friends and head to the sports bar for drinks and a game of 9-ball on one of their many billiards tables.

Harris: In-house dry aging and an old-boys' club setting guarantee diners a juicy rib eye to remember.

And for the ladies:
Cha Cha Cha: A senorita's home away from home with pitchers of savory sangria, tasty tapas and stylish surroudings.

Slanted Door: Start the evening early with some Ferry Building shopping and end the night with fresh squeezed cocktails from this Vietnamese fusion eatery.

Beauty Bar: Get a drink at the bar and a manicure?? This retro, hipster hotspot pairs pretty fingernails with sweet cocktails.

Bubble Lounge: Strawberries and champage [sic] are on the menu at this chic wine and appetizer night club.

To be honest, we're more offended that a website that boasts that it will show you how to "live like an insider" is telling people to go to Hooters and Jillian's. But we suppose that our tipster has a point in highlighting the (proven) ability for women to imbibe drinks sans fruit. Yelp would never make such a mistake.
· Guys Night Out [Citysearch]
· Girls Night Out [Citysearch]

*we didn't know they existed either

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