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Signage Alert: Hayes Valley Twins Get Matching Outfits

To the left, to the left: 370 Grove. On the right: 340 Grove.

Not only do the interiors of Sidney Wong's neighboring Grove Street restaurants already bear strong resemblances to each other, but now he's erected some very similar exactly identical signage, leading us to believe Wong has a nice sense of humor. After all, the man planning on opening both Blue Muse and Sage Cafe this week is a little old man with the energy to, well, debut two restaurants at once. According to Wong, Sage (a neighborhood cafe) will hopefully open towards the end of the week on its own, because the entire family staff has to be on hand to help out. Once the dust settles on Sage's debut, Blue Muse (Asian fusion) will open "a couple days after" because Sage's entire staff will have to be available to help next door as needed. In other words, the beautiful chaos of opening a small, family-run restaurant only intensifies when there are two of them next door to each other. Consider it to be the friendly neighborhood carnival answer to Pat Kuleto's Disneyland.
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