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EaterWire Midday Edition: Ararat Out, Poesia In

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2007_12_ararat.jpgCASTRO—Though it's yet to be confirmed by the folks down there, we have word of a restaurant shuffle down at 4072 18th Street. It seems the rumors surrounding a closure at Ararat Mediterranean—that same restaurant that once resorted to posting its Yelp shills in its window—are beginning to be substantiated. Ararat is no longer listed on OpenTable and a liquor license transferral is pending for a new restaurant in its space called Poesia. Given the name of the upcoming establishment and the licensee—Francesco Dippolito of Verrotta LLC—we think it might be of the Italian ilk. In any event, with Brandy Ho's second location looming, it seems as if 2008 will bring a pair of newbies to 18th Street. [EaterWire]

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