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BaylessWatch: Frontera, Chef Rick Due This Week

The Frontera Fresco interior ... revealed.

It's a Rick Bayless Extravaganza this week in San Francisco! Well, by "San Francisco," we really mean "the Macy's basement food court," but nonetheless, Frontera Fresco, the first West Coast venture by Chicago food king Rick Bayless, is predictably on course to open either tomorrow or Thursday. Training is still a work in progress, so the initial opening won't be a huge splash (i.e., no mad rushes), but the Frontera folks seem quite confident that the next two days will see an opening of some sort for the quick service joint. Also of major note: Rick Bayless will be in the kitchen during the first few days, doing what he does, overseeing operations and "making sure things are up to his standards." No word on whether Alice Waters will stop by for a Bayless taco.
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