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Cafe Flore Requests Approved; NIMBYs Very Afraid

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Over the past couple weeks, a series of demands by Cafe Flore have made the neighborhood cafe a hot topic on the corner of Noe and Market. You'll recall that the Flore owner basically threatened closure unless they were allowed to serve food and drink until the wee hours of the night, along with the right to have a DJ present. Of course, seeing as how the cafe is really just a shack of sorts, these propositions upset many neighborhood residents who don't want to see another loud bar scene in the area (check the comments field for a taste of the debate).

Well, Cafe Flore has won its hearing 'to operate and provide outside food-service 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, and to allow 'other entertainment' – including amplified music – until 2 a.m. daily." Shall we rename 2298 Market Street Bar Flore? How about Flore Lounge?

And most importantly, now that Cafe Flore has the opportunity to boost revenue a bit, we will all get to see if rumors of an impending sale are indeed true. Place your bets.
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