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Uh-Oh Alert: Sheba Lounge Feeling the Yoshi's Effect?

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Upon receiving the above photo from Sheba Lounge on Fillmore, our sentiments echoed that of the email's subject line: "uh-oh." Just about across the street from the mega New Black project that is Yoshi's and the Fillmore Heritage, Sheba Lounge might be the first—or second, if you count the plight of Powell's Place—local venue to feel the sting of the Yoshi's Effect. We've made no secret about our awe surrounding the project, but the money is still out whether Yoshi's will reinvigorate the immediate vicinity—remember the surrounding restaurants: Panda Express, Popeye's, Subway (Eat Fresh!)—or merely feed the continual rise north of the Fillmore in lower Pac Heights. True, a high tide floats all boats, but in the case of Sheba Lounge, a new competitor across the way + happy hour promotions + sidewalk signage + reports of small crowds often don't indicate a healthy situation. And yes, the Committee has taken note.
· Yoshi's Might Inspire Pac Heights, Not The Fillmore [~ESF~]

Your thoughts on Sheba Lounge and the Yoshi's Effect in the comments or straight to us.