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Fall Tracking Report: Amber India

We're not quite sure if it's still fall, but it's certainly still restaurant opening season. Of course, predicting when a restaurant will actually open is a bit like hitting a moving target. Enter Fall Tracking Report, your source for all the intel you need to keep abreast of it all—and start obsessing at just the right moment.

2007_09_efp.jpgAmber India, 13 Yerba Buena Lane, SoMa

Initial Debut Projection: May 2007
Current Debut Projection: February 2008
Odds, On Time Arrival: 20 to 1
Eater Projected Opening Date: 03/14/08

Steps away from Market Street sits Amber India, the first San Francisco endeavor from Vijay Bist, owner of the South Bay restaurants of the same name. Permit hurdles and the opening of a casual cafe in Mountain View have delayed the Yerba Buena location for some time now, as they had originally hoped for a spring '07 debut. Now, the Amber India people say they have finally got their ducks lined up and are now hoping for February, though from the looks of things (post-jump), the multi-leveled space looks a ways away. There's an atrium-ish area in the main lobby, a bar on the top floor and the dining room below. Anish Potdar, a kitchen consultant at the South Bay locations, is still in line to take up chef duties. The Yerba Buena location will incorporate many of Amber India's signature dishes—both traditional and contemporary—but seeing as how the previous three incarnations of Amber India are all a bit diverse, Potdar will ultimately be able to make the menu his own.

Main entrance: note the levels. Bar area is (presumably) up and to the right.

The bar area, looking south from Market.
· Amber India [Official Site]