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ResyWars: TableXchange Launches, Gives Seven Options

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This week marks the Bay Area arrival of the New York's TableXchange, an "online marketplace to buy and sell restaurant reservations." You'll recall, the TableXchange folks were quite adamant that their service is completely unlike TablePronto. From a cursory tour of the brand new San Francisco site, things don't seem terribly different from TablePronto, aside from slightly higher prices for the reservations. As of now, seven reservations are available, all for $20 or $25: Anjou, Aqua, Rubicon, The Slanted Door, Zuni Cafe, Fleur de Lys and Kokkari. Since only Kokkari crosses over in TablePronto territory, let's do some compare/contrast, shall we?

Kokkari on TablePronto: Friday 12/14, 8pm, $10
Kokkari on TableXchange: Saturday 12/15, 9:15pm, $20
Kokkari on OpenTable: Friday or Saturday, 10pm, Free
Kokkari on OpenTable: Thursday 12/13, 8:15pm, Free

It would appear that for a last minute scramble, the resy scalpers—and that's what they are, really—might prove valuable. TableXchange seems to have the bigger names and prices, but again, between planning in advance, walk-ins and same-day cancellations, we still question the relevance of paying for reservations in this town. Has anyone actually taken either service for a test drive yet?
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