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FiDi Dispatch: Wondering About Best-O-Burger

When news of Randy Lewis' departure from Mecca came to fruition back in November, one of the more important sidenotes stated that his exodus would not affect the genesis of Best-O-Burger, the gourmet slider shop(s) planned by Lewis and Mecca owner Steve Weber. However, a Financial District worker pining for new lunch options (he's not the only one, we hear) sends along a bit of wondering regarding the space at 493 Pine: "After seeing some work rumbling earlier in the month, I haven't seen much action lately. It's always closed and dark and the Mrs. Fields sign is still up. What's going on? Is it still happening?" Naturally, the Eater Plywood Squadron was dispatched to the FiDi, only to find—yes—a closed and dark space. A look through the paper (post-jump) only elicits more wondering: merely delayed? abandoned? Anyone know what's going on? Those FiDi folks get grumpy when they don't get their gourmet burgers.


Your theories and postulations—or actual knowledge—to or in the comments.