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Curbed Rumblings: Inside the Jewish Museum and MORE!

It's Friday afternoon, and that means it's time to reminisce on the week that was at our sister site and friendly neighborhood blog, Curbed SF.

1) SoMa: The evolution of the museum scene is in full swing, and the Curbed kids took a look inside the upcoming Contemporary Jewish Museum. No doubt you've noticed the giant blue cube from the outside, but did you know that there is only one room with straight walls in there? Or that markings along the walls and ceiling of the multi-purpose room were taken from 16th century maps charting routes to Jerusalem? ... Did you?

2) Bay Bridge: Thanks to some ardent supporters, a 15.5-foot wide bike path is in the works for the eastern span of the Bay Bridge, connecting Oakland to Yerba Buena Island, which is good news if you want to bicycle back and forth from Oakland to Yerba Buena Island.

3) City-Wide: Last but not least, let's not forget about the hallowed Curbed Cup. This week, the elimination tourney to determine the neighborhood of the year kicked off, and based on reader voting, we saw some landslides and some intense battles. The current match-up pits (4) Potrero Hill vs. (5) Mission Bay. Polls open throughout the weekend.