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The Dish: Kabuki Kitchen, La Trappe (Again)

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All new openings—big and small— are served up on a regular basis by The Dish. Notice a debut in your 'hood? Your sightings to The Dish Hotline.

2007_12_Kabukismall.jpg1) Kabuki Kitchen: Opening right on schedule tonight are the trio of establishments in the remodeled Sundance Cinemas Kabuki complex. Everything opens tonight: the third-floor bistro, the second-floor bar and the main event on Post Street: the new and improved Kabuki Kitchen spearheaded by Vincent Schofield (menu here). The good folks at the restaurant have been quite adamant about not being photographed, so we have no images to share of the interior, but delectable eye candy on the bistro, bar and cinema lobby (pictured) can be had in our sneak peek from earlier in the week. 1865 Post Street at Fillmore, Japantown/Fillmore; (415) 409-6878, website [Eater Staff]

2) La Trappe: The curious doings on the corner of Columbus and Greenwich continue. As far as we can tell, after La Trappe plastered its windows and walls with announcements of its December 1st "grand" opening, it did indeed host guests that weekend, only to be open intermittently since then, confusing many a prospective diner. A new note on the website now declares the following: "Thank you all for coming out and making our opening night a success. We will be open for normal business hours starting Saturday December, 15th at 6pm." Memo to La Trappe: for future reference, a soft opening does not a grand opening make. 800 Greenwich Street at Columbus, North Beach; website [Eater Staff]

[Photo: Curbed's Jimmy Stamp]