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YogurtWire: Pinkberry SF Pauses and Regroups

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Along with perhaps Red Mango, Pinkberry lays claim to being the progenitor of the entire frozen yogurt craze. The Southern California chain—and Starbucks Howard Schultz investment—has expanded to New York, but despite beginning the hiring process for its Stanford location (way back in October), the Pinkberry people now says that the Bay Area will have to continue to wait. From the Eater Inbox:

Unfortunately, our Palo Alto branch has been put on hold for the time being. We are working on securing some locations in the bay, especially San Francisco for the next year. Please check back with us in the first quarter of 2008.
Fact: over the next several years, there will more Pinkberry locations littered across the city than all other fro-yo shops combined. It's going to be like witnessing a second propagation of the Starbucks takeover.
· Confirmed: Pinkberry Coming to Northern California [~ESF~]

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