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Pre-Plywood Report: Delfina's Fillmore Location Revealed

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At long last, here we have the future Pacific Heights/Upper Fillmore location of the second Pizzeria Delfina. When the Inside Scoop shared news of the first Delfina venture outside of 18th Street last week, the Delfina people declined to share the address—2406 California, right off Fillmore—of their next endeavor, presumably because it still houses Zao Noodle Bar. Nonetheless, even in its current noodle bar form, the space itself looks perfect for Delfina: intimate, quaint and very neighborhoody. Plus, a peek inside reveals a dining room to which Delfina shouldn't have any trouble adapting:

No sign of a wood-burning oven. Yet.


· Inside Scoop [Chron, 3rd item]


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