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TableXchange Responds To Inquiries, Tablepronto

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Upon the recent launch of TableXchange, we posed several questions in our post regarding the newest reservation scalper/marketplace. Lo and behold, the TableXchange folks promptly sent over a note with some explanations, ideas and reminders of their East Coast success. Though we suspect it's nearly time to put the issue to bed, seeing as how 1) people still feel strongly about this resy scalper business and 2) it's only fair to make all voices heard, we present you with the TableXchange retort:

Will it work here? "We have proven here in New York that we are committed to bringing people a service they want and are anxious to use. We are eager to demonstrate the same to the people in San Francisco. Like we did in New York, we plan on continually adding features and tailoring the site so it best works with the people dining in San Francisco, as well as the restaurants."

On the difference between the competition: "The clear difference between TableXchange and Tablepronto is that users are invited to actually sell reservations on our site. We invite Eater and all its readers to log in and sell their reservations through our system to verify our service. We also encourage you to do the same with Tablepronto to see if you are granted the same privileges. We have over a thousand users, most of whom have selling rights, that find TableXchange invaluable."

On why reservations are so expensive: "With regard to reservation prices, the market dictates where people price their posts. We have no control over this aspect of the business. If a person decides to monetize their reservation the sale price is completely at their discretion."

On the outlook: "... people have been really receptive to our concept and we hope that foodies in San Francisco feel the same way. Hopefully, Tablepronto does not ruin it for everyone involved."

Not exactly hard-hitting answers, we know, but since some of the more difficult questions—e.g., the restaurants' distaste for the service, the effects on normal reservation-seeking diners, the use of OpenTable to scalp—went unanswered, we invite you to leave any questions and concerns in the comments field. Since the involved parties are clearly tracking our coverage here, if you pose them a valid question or four, we have a feeling they just might respond with their own comments.
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