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Eater Inside: Serpentine

James Newman, 12/18/07

Leading the Dogpatch's charge to become the next hot neighborhood is Serpentine, the first offshoot of Mariposa Street's popular Slow Club. Serpentine's likeness to its parent is evident throughout, from the industrial interior to the no-reservations policy to Chris Kronner's menu (right down to the Prather Ranch burger). Of course, these similarities provoke yet another similarity to Slow Club: immense popularity, which means that for time being, you'll have to saddle up to the Serpentine bar (or Yield's across the street) while you wait for your non-reserved table. Questions to consider: what will be Serpentine's role in the evolution of the Dogpatch? Will it become a neighborhood favorite (say, like Slow Club) or a city-wide hot spot (a la SPQR)? Will the Serpentine brass cave and start taking reservations? And will they ever turn on the heat?

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