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Eater National: Happy Holidays From Union Square Cafe

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Here at Eater SF, we have our own little holiday contest going, but we'd like to interrupt your regularly-scheduled local programming to bring you a very, very special holiday gift from the freezing temperatures of the East.

Sometimes, the stars align and a rainy day is curbed by quite possibly the greatest example of genuine holiday cheer captured on video ... ever. Via Eater comes a video seemingly put together by the staffers at Manhattan's Union Square Cafe, home to Danny Meyer's enlightened hospitality. The chorus, which is sure to be stuck in your head for the rest of the afternoon (if you're lucky), goes as such:

It's not because I'm pretty
It's not because I'm gay
For all about the best food and service in New York City
Come to the Union Square Cafe...
Please trust us and click on the link. We promise it's the best thing you'll see today.
· USC "unofficial" Holiday Video [YouTube, via Eater]