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Good News/Bad News: Bar Jules

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Since opening about three weeks ago, Bar Jules has already played host to an Iron Chef or two en route to quickly becoming one of the more sought-out destinations in town for the foodie crowd. The tiny, daily-changing menu showcases the best produce of the day, making Bar Jules the latest in the long line of California cuisine specialists. So, how has the first month shaped up down in Hayes Valley? Glad you asked.

1) Bad News: "On a Friday evening, at 9:10 PM ...they had run out of ... food! Seriously ... 9:10 PM ... no main courses available (that's right ... no Fish ... no Meat!!!)" [Yelp]

2) Mediocre News: "Let me fist say that I was very very very pleasantly surprised with my Grilled Salmon. It was delicious, I finished every bite, and left a very happy diner ... My reaction to the menu, besides first thinking it was the specials list, was there is nothing on here I want to eat." [Yelp]

3) Better News: "In the "room for improvement" section, I'll say that the service is still getting up to speed, so to speak. Slow service usually drives me crazy, but the food was so good that this time I didn't care." [Fro-Fro Blog]

4) Good News: "Since the menu’s variable and the space seats about 50 (my guess), the selection, while thoughtful, is small. There were about four starters, and two mains—we could choose between a rib-eye steak or seafood stew ... And you’ll be happy to note that the mustard, olive and turquoise colors on the walls work. They pop, making it a vibrant, yet cozy space all at once. Oh, and if I could vote for the coolest bathrooms category of the Reader’s Choice survey? Bar Jules might be in the top five. [Bits + Bites]

5) Great Iron Chef News: "Bar Jules is a new little place that i highly recomend [sic] with a tiny chalkboard menu that changes daily and is super fresh and spot on." [Symon Says]
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Bar Jules

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