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The Shutter: Citizen Thai Bolts North Beach

Reports of any and all closings around town arrive via The Shutter. See a restaurant or bar that has recently folded? Your sightings to
Live Shutteration: U-Haul carts away the interior of Citizen Thai (its Monkey too)

From a North Beach tipster comes word of closure at Citizen Thai and the Monkey: "So we walked by citizen thai and the monkey in north beach on Sunday and they were moving everything out – sign on door looks like they sold it to another thai restaurant group. AND - is gone! Pretty sad for the neighborhood – was rather good thai food at ok prices." The Eater Investigative Squadron was dispatched to the corner of Grant and Vallejo and along with seeing the myriad Citizen Thai decorations get carted away in the pictured U-Haul, learned that the Thai restaurant moving in—King Chacha—is slated to open January 9. Also in the works in the Monkey space is a bar called Manchester City Bar; a soccer bar perchance? That area could use a bar.