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Airport Restaurants Threaten Strike, Awful Flights

If the stormy weather due this week wasn't bad enough news for holiday travelers, food service workers at San Francisco International are threatening to go on strike, just in time for the weekend rush. The strike is scheduled for Thursday and if it happens, it could last through the holidays, which means plenty of passengers will be left hanging:

The union will return to the bargaining table with separate restaurant representatives on Wednesday and Thursday but [union President Mike] Casey said it seems "very likely" the strike will take place. He also said it could happen during the holidays, SFO's busiest time of the year.
The airport has no plans to deal with the strike as of yet because they have not received information from concessionaries on how they plan to operate if a strike takes place, spokesman Mike McCarron said. The airport is still holding out hope that the strike will be avoided, he said.

With 50 restaurants and $122.2 million worth of sales last year without including duty-free shops, passengers will likely have an especially difficult time filling their stomachs during flights if Casey's prediction comes true.

Security restrictions on bottled waters and the like make the situation even dicier for holiday travelers. For the most part, airport food is, well, airport food, but if the strike does indeed happen, we fear the effects on passengers who depend on the likes of Starbucks and McDonald's to get through cross-country flights. Oh, and the only thing worse than sitting next to a hungry, thirsty or grumpy person (or child!) on the plane? Being stranded in the terminal with a three-hour delay with nary a place to eat/drink. Happy holidays!
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