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The Dish: Monk's Kettle, The Sherman

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All new openings—big and small— are served up on a regular basis by The Dish. Notice a debut in your 'hood? Your sightings to the Dish Hotline.

1) Monk's Kettle: Finally opening its doors yesterday afternoon for the first time was Monk's Kettle, the gourmet brew pub on 16th Street and Albion. The grand opening is technically on Thursday, but owners Christian Albertson, Nat Cutler and crew will be offering a limited food menu tonight as well. The place is small—just 22 seats in the dining area, plus 14 at the bar and counter—but the beer list is long, with 100 bottles and 24 draughts available. The menu was on the official site once upon a time, but said website has since (momentarily) crashed. Bandwidth overload! 3141 16th St, between Valencia and Guerrero, the Mission; (415) 865-9523; website [Eater Staff]

2) The Sherman: Also open for business is the latest incarnation of The Sherman, the restaurant in/on a boat moored in the waters of Burlingame. The menus are predictably seafood-centric, but there are plenty of intriguing items, like the duck prosciutto that is actually cured aboard the ship. Reservations are recommended, especially if you plan on stopping by this week. In the meantime, for the wonderful little story behind The Sherman, please refer to our Post-Plywood Report. 410 Airport Boulevard, Burlingame, (650) 344-SHIP; website [Eater Staff]