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Introducing the Fantastic Four of Condo Dining

The Restaurant at the Infinity: Future Home of Nancy Oakes and Co.

The Chronicle finally hops on the condo dining bandwagon with a lengthy treatise about a quartet of local superchefs who have recently announced mega-projects. This "Fantastic Four" is composed of Michael Mina, Gary Danko, Charles Phan and Nancy Oakes. While the article is more fluff/summation than actual breaking news, there are a couple new items—not to mention some deliciously goofy photos—to be found amongst the rubble, so let's break down the fantastic foursome one by one:

Restaurateur: Charles Phan
Complex: SoMa Grand
Restaurant: Unnamed
New Tidbit: "Phan said he's ironing out the details ... but is strongly considering opening the space as a lounge with Asian small plates."

Restaurateur: Michael Mina
Complex: Millennium Towers
Restaurant: RN74
New Tidbit: "[Mina's Wine Director] Kapur will set up the wine service and help with the clubhouse's tasting room, where residents will get their own cellars to store up to a case of wine each."

Restaurateur: Nancy Oakes
Complex: The Infinity
Restaurant: Unnamed
New Tidbit: You can win the heart of Oakes with 151: "'I joked with [the Infinity people] that we could talk it over sometime over a glass of 151 (proof) rum and Diet Coke,' Oakes said. 'When we got back to the restaurant, there was a bottle of 151 and some Diet Coke waiting.'"

Restaurateur: Gary Danko
Complex: Fairmont Heritage/Ghirardelli Square
Restaurant: Danko Deuce ("technically" unnamed)
New Tidbit: "[Danko] will also provide room service. Because his latest venture is so much bigger than his original restaurant, diners likely will get day-ahead reservations. Residents won't even have to wait 15 minutes."
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