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KellerWire: Details on the Burger Project and MORE!

YOUNTVILLE—Earlier today, we shared some early rumors regarding the arrival of Thomas Keller's burger project as an addendum to Ad Hoc. You'll recall that Ad Hoc was initially meant to be a temporary, six-month placeholder for the bigger "burgers and half bottles" project, but of course, overwhelming popularity has since made Ad Hoc permanent. Now, we have more details from Kellerville on the burger project's specs. From our special correspondent:

The parking lot at Ad Hoc is a u shape. On the left side of the restaurant there are four parking spaces that jut "into" the building (this is the area between Ad Hoc and Redd). The restaurant will be expanded out into these parking spaces so the two restaurants (Ad Hoc and the new one) will occupy the same building. There will be outdoor dining and take away at the new place, as well as indoor seating. There are plans for 19 additional seats added to the 77 already at Ad Hoc. An increase of about 1,335 sq ft.
Keller's people have confirmed that Burgers and Half Bottles—or whatever its name will be—is indeed back in the works, and summer 2008 is the aim.

Also happening is the long-awaited expansion at Bouchon, where Keller is expanding the kitchen area between Bouchon proper and the bakery. There's no word yet on how/if the work will affect diners, but as luck would have it, they just poured the concrete today.

One final, heartwarming bit of Yountville news for the holidays: earlier this year, Keller purchased Beard Plaza, the complex that houses his offices. He recently announced that he would name the plaza after his father. [EaterWire Inbox]

**Special thanks to our Yountville correspondent for his work today.

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