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Eater Inside: Moose's

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James Newman, 12/20/07

When Moose's reopened at the beginning of December after a quick sabbatical, it revealed plenty of changes. Seemingly overnight, Moose's switched from one of the myriad classic white tablecloth (read: boring) North Beach restaurants to a modernized version of itself in its attempt to appeal to new, broader demographic. The complete redesign, headed by Michael Brennan (Circa, Cortez), really seizes on several—ok, most—of the "hot" industry concepts du jour: a 20-seat communal table, lounge area, half-bottle wine offerings and a sustainable menu by new chef Travis Flood that features 2007 trends pork belly and short ribs.

Please do feel free to share your thoughts on the new Moose's. Did the redesign do Moose's well? Did it need to be changed? Are you glad to see a restaurant break away from its stasis or do you wish they would have ignored the list of trends?