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Ghirardelli Rising: Hanging With Tourists at the Danko Deuce and Marché on the Square

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It's been a while since we checked in with the doings at Ghirardelli Square and its concerted effort to win back relevance in the eyes of locals. Today, let's take our first look at the next two restaurants to hit the GS: the Danko Deuce and Marché.

1) Danko Deuce: Assuming all goes to plan, the second restaurant by Gary Danko will arrive sometime in summer '08. Pictured above in its nascent form, the brasserie will be part of the Fairmont Heritage, in the Mustard Building, right next to the chocolate shop and mermaid fountain. Inside, the 7,000-square-foot space will seat 150 but the bigger treat (at least on nice days) might be the 1,500-square-foot outdoor area that will spill out onto the fountain plaza. No word on whether Danko and his eunuch entourage will be overseeing operations from the elevated veranda on the left.


2) Marché on the Square: If you're looking at the Danko Deuce from the Bay side of the square, then Marché is directly to the left. The concept behind Marché is intriguing, simply because the gourmet grocer aspect is sure to bring in more locals than tourists. However, we are curious to know if the accompanying "wine bar brasserie" (announced pre-Danko arrival) will scrap the brasserie part and just transform into a wine bar, since you know, Danko probably now has dibs on the whole brasserie thing. A look at the doings behind the orange plastic at Marché follows:


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