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Epilogue: Cafe Flore Now Off the Market?

When Cafe Flore threatened closure unless the city approved certain amenities (open later, alcohol served later, and a DJ), Castro neighbors vehemently opposed to the move theorized that the only reason for Cafe Flore's demands was to improve its resale value. Following its victory, we have word that Cafe Flore was indeed on the market and is now rumored to be off the market:

I am interested in real estate and have seen cafe flore for sale for about a year now on the MLS of San Francisco. Originally it was $1000,000 then dropped to $750,000 (i think), but it seems that after their win, the restaurant is no longer for sale. Well at least it is no longer listed in the sale section of the MLS. I guess [they are] counting on alcohol sales to really help the Biz.
Perhaps this news will help Flore's local opponents sleep a little better this weekend, at least for the time being ... well, assuming they aren't in earshot of the new late-night DJ.
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