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EaterWire: New Year's Eve Options and MORE!

CITY-WIDE—For those of you still undecided on your New Year's Eve festivities, OpenTable has a rather comprehensive list of restaurants' special offerings on the 31st. Among the eye-catchers: Dosa ($55 four-courser with new dishes from the four distinct regions of Southern India), Maverick ($65 seven-courser, $100 w/ bottomless wine pairings) and if it's still available, A16 ($120 six-courser). [OpenTable]

CIVIC CENTER—In the wake of the GGRA-induced federal judge's health care ruling earlier today, the city has made its expected appeal: "City Attorney Dennis Herrera's office and a group of labor unions are seeking an emergency stay from the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco that would allow the expanded health care ordinance, including the challenged employer fee, to take effect next Tuesday as scheduled while the city appeals the ruling." [Chron]

KULETOVILLE—Today, it was announced that none other than San Francisco's favorite larger-than-life papa bear, Pat Kuleto, will be gracing the cover of the 2008 California Official State Visitor's Guide and Travel Planner. We've actually never heard of said guide, but if it's official, then it must be important. [Yahoo]


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