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San Francisco Mag Names the Best of 2007

A favorite moment of the year, when Balboa Cafe turned out the lights.

You can tell a lot about a magazine—and its readers—by the lists of favorite establishments around the city and San Francisco Magazine's Readers' Picks of 2007 are no exception. Now to be fair, we like SF Mag for the most part—we're of the sect that thinks Josh Sens to be one of the better reviewers in town—but somehow, when Americano is named as the best happy hour in town, we have to roll our eyes a bit. After all, do overpriced drinks, a literal line to get in the door, yet another line to get a drink and this monstrosity really constitute the happiest hour in the city?

But we digress. With only a little further ado, here are the rest of the victors, including Gavin Newsom's own Balboa Cafe. In a year that saw our dear Plumpjackin' mayor have an affair with his aide's wife, date the unfortunately-named 20-year old Brittanie Mountz and more, Balboa Cafe was appropriately named ... the year's best pick-up spot. The complete list of the restaurant/bar winners follows:

Best Happy Hour: Americano

Best Pick-Up Spot (Straight): Balboa Cafe

Best Pick-Up Spot (Gay): TIE: San Francisco Badlands and Mecca

Best Trivia Night: Mad Dog in the Fog

Best Beer Selection: Toronado

Best Bar/Club to Wear Tennis Shoes to: Double Dutch

Best Bar/Club to Wear Sequins to: The Ambassador

Best Art Bar: 111 Minna

Best Place for Live Entertainment: The Fillmore

(Sidenote: full descriptions/rationale and the rest of the list can be had at the official site)
· Best of the Bay Area Readers' Picks 2007 [SFM]

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