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Lips and Assholes: Get Your Cosentino T-Shirts!

Truly a Renaissance man, Chris Cosentino has already conquered Noe Valley. He has dominated animal innards everywhere. The man has even conquered food television*. Clearly, there's only one arena left to triumph: the fashion world, and now he's doing just that ... in style, no less:

The long awaited "Lips and Assholes" T-shirts are finally here. They were designed by a good friend of mine Rex Ray. These t-shirts are limited edition and will only be available here. And they're good fun.

Let the world know that you are an offal eater. They've been printed on american apparel shirts in a lovely shade of hot dog pink [Ed note: isn't every shade of hot dog pink categorically lovely?]. Eat 'em up.

The Incanto meat man has already put together his share of memorable moments and such, but this ... this is nothing short of brilliant. Well, except for the $30 price tag.
· Offal Good T-Shirt [Offal Good]

*OK, at least Aaron Sanchez


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