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BarWatch: Might 2008 Be the Year of Nopa?

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Minibar, Rendered For Your Viewing Pleasure.

When Nopa (the restaurant) exploded onto the scene back in '06, many declared Nopa (the neighborhood) to be the next "hot" gourmet ghetto. A year or two later, while the masses continue to flock to the neighborhood's eponymous eatery—not to mention some other area gems—we can't help but think 2006's claims of a Nopa dining boom might have been a bit overstated at the time. Regardless, the bar scene in and around Divisadero is currently undergoing a facelift of sorts, complete with intriguing bar projects with bad puns. Witness:

1) Candybar: We've already touched on Candybar, the new dessert and wine bar opening on Fulton. The change of use permit is scheduled to be approved next week, and assuming there are no hiccups or angry neighborhood associations, February should see the city's first dessert lounge.

2) Minibar: Pictured above in its rendered form is Minibar, which will soon be squeezing into the onetime barbershop space at 837 Divisadero. The space is indeed a small one, and like Candybar, there will be a focus on local artists' work on the walls. Lady Hopstress has further details on the newest addition to her 'hood, so do check out her take as well.

3) Fly Bar: We know, Fly is by no means a newcomer to the Western Addition scene, but the corner of Fulton and Divis has been dark all week due to a bit of holiday remodeling and whatnot (keeping up with the Joneses?). So, we'd like to take this opportunity to announce that Fly will reopen tonight. And if they called themselves Bar Fly, we could have a trio of bar puns in a two-block radius.