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EaterWire: Des Jardins Takes to the Blogs and MORE!

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HAYES VALLEY—Congrats are in order for the town's newest blogging chef, none other than our local, inimitable and decorated Traci Des Jardins. She will be replacing Rick Bayless as the celebrity chef blogger on Epicurious' revamped blog The Epi-Log (see what they did there with the name?). Her "first blog ever" was published today and offers suggestions for surviving the holiday madness. Going forward, the blog will rotate contributors "in order to share different perspectives with readers." [EaterWire Inbox, Epi-Log]

NOE VALLEY—After several weeks of trial and error over at his blog, chef/restaurateur Brett Emerson has finally chosen a name for his upcoming Noe Valley restaurant. Brace. The winner of his name game is ... contigo, which we feel is an good choice, proving again that the masses are never wrong (except in most real elections). However, Emerson has now updated the blog, saying that there may be some legal barriers with contigo. Anyway, look for something to arrive near a stroller-filled sidewalk in spring 2008. [IPOS]

CYBERSPACE—Rounding out this little interwebs-centric edition of EaterWire is news that link aggregator database Digg will be adding a Food & Drink category. You've been warned. [DiggBlog via Serious Eats]

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