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Clubland Dispatch: Last Hurrah For Troubled Ten 15?

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Yet another flurry of violent incidents took place this weekend at troubled SoMa nightclub Ten 15. On Saturday night, someone was stabbed in the club and a half-hour later, there was a related shooting outside. Even more troubling than the violence is the repetitive cycle of problems surrounding Ten 15. The groundbreaking 20-year-old venue—once at the forefront of the electronic music scene decades ago—has become a magnet for trouble in recent years:

In February 2006, a gunman fired three shots inside the crowded club ... In 2000, the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control cited Ten 15 for allegedly allowing "music promoters" and others to deal the drug Ecstasy inside the club. Three years later, state regulators renewed an effort to revoke the club's liquor license and possibly shut the club down.
Clearly, efforts to shut the club down have not worked thus far. But with Ten 15's liquor license set to expire next month, we have a plea to City Hall: Mayor PlumpJack, don't allow them to renew it, please. The place has had/done enough; shut it down. After all, this is what it's like inside, and that's just a fire hazard.
· Violent night in SoMa sees club stabbing, drive-by [SFE]