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Signage Alert: Serpentine Poised to Premiere This Week

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Since we all know that 2008 will be the year of the Dogpatch, we're happy to announce that not only do we have a signage sighting at Serpentine, but the first sequel to Slow Club will unveil as soon as this week. As it stands on the corner of 3rd and 22nd on this breezy Monday morning, Serpentine had originally hoped to open by November's close, but apparently had some hiccups with inspections. One source has it that a Wednesday debut is a strong possibility. To refresh your memory, Slow Club's Chris Kronner will be in the kitchen, so expect a similar New Am menu with a bevy of classic cocktails. Lunch and dinner will be offered in the 55-seat dining room.
· Slow Club Sequel Serpentine Due By December [~ESF~]