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That Serpentine Sign Sure Looks Familiar

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Quoth a reader in reaction to yesterday's post about the imminent arrival of Slow Club's Dogpatch endeavor, Serpentine: "Is it just me or does that corner signage look a lot like the one at Town Hall? Right down to the font!" Upon closer inspection, there certainly seems to be a resemblance, no? Perhaps they merely employed the same 90-degree sign design firm; besides, if you're going to "draw inspiration" from a local restaurant, Town Hall is a pretty darn good model.

But we digress. As for the actual restaurant, Serpentine is still expected to open "sometime this week." With The Dish at the ready, we'll keep you posted, natch.
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Town Hall Restaurant

342 Howard Street, , CA 94105 (415) 908-3900 Visit Website