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Good News/Bad News: Horizon

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Good News/Bad News is a feature where early opinions on recently-opened restaurants are shared. As always, your opinions are very much encouraged, in the comments field or straight to us.

Since opening about a month ago, Horizon seems to have found itself in a no-man's land in more ways than one. The Broadway location—in the midst of strip clubs, hostels and drunken pizza joints—will continue to be a hurdle for a place that is aiming to be an upscale restaurant/lounge. Then there's the always-difficult gray area between cocktail lounge and legit restaurant (see: Mecca). But enough from us; here's the early buzz on Horizon:

Good News: "The place wasn't too crowded art first but started to pick up around 9pm. We were definitely taken care of and were happy with our meals. I just wish I could have had my rare burger as requested but I'm willing to go back and give it another try. As I said before, I would be willing just to go for the drink and lounge atmosphere alone." [Yelp]

Good News: "PS I stopped by Horizon this weekend. Considering it's so new, it was a pretty empty for a Saturday night (maybe it was too early??) but the food was good and the truffle fries are worth a trip." [Eater Inbox]

Bad News: "Dude, I just paid $16.00 for a burger! ... I'm not sure if our meal was worth the price. The service was awesome, the drinks were good and very potent - but to splurge that much on burgers and fries...excessive." [Yelp]

Bad News: "It's hard to believe but Spruce has a cheaper burger (and better)." [Eater Inbox]

Mediocre News: We started off with a basket of stale bread, which was quickly replaced when we pointed out, that our staff of life was dead. This new trend of customizable burgers lends itself to hedonism with all the extra ingredients that can be piled on ... The Creek Stone Farms meat was cooked to the requested medium rare and the bun to meat ratio was within bunrab parameters. It was good, but nothing earthshaking." [Daily Feed]

Have opinions on Horizon's first month? Do share, please. Your thoughts in the comments field or to