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SobeWire: Emeril Lagasse Selected as 2009 Sobe Tribute Honoree

Lee Schrager and the South Beach Wine & Food Festival have asked us to tell you that the one and only Emeril Lagasse will be honored at the 2009 Sobe Annual Tribute Dinner (2009, that's right; Schrager sleeps two hours a night). Past honorees have included this coming year's, Jean-Georges and Jamie Oliver; and Eric Ripert, Ferran Adria, Martha Stewart, Francis Ford Coppola. A longtime fixture at Sobe, Emeril will have some serious chef firepower to kick it up a notch for him at the stoves. Those that have been invited to cook for him include: Charlie Trotter, Norman Van Aken, Mario Batali, Daniel Boulud, Nobu, Wolfgang Puck, and Bobby "Hizzoner" Flay. Bam.