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On the Firm Opening: Kabuki Kitchen Eyes a Date

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The Kabuki Kitchen: 10 days away?

Last week, the restaurant at Yoshi's experienced the difficulty of meeting a firm opening date, as it was forced to postpone its publicized Wednesday debut. Yoshi's delay serves as Exhibits 1 and 1A why restaurants don't often set opening dates in stone; simply put, there are just too many issues that arise. We reference last week's happenings at Yoshi's because just up the street lies another sizable project with a firm date in mind. Thus far, the unpredictability—not to mention difficulty—of the steadfast opening hasn't deterred the three-tiered Kabuki Kitchen opening in the Sundance theater. They are maintaining their "set in stone" December 14th opening date, which is quite admirable considering the scope of the project: three distinct establishments—a bar, a bistro and restaurant—scattered across three floors in the theater space. How will the next 10 days play out down on Post Street? Rest assured we'll be watching.
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