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Yelp Wanted Encore: Newsom Says Today Is Yelp Day?!

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Representing this afternoon's erosion of society, Mayor Gavin Newsom—clearly taking a break from his $200 million deficit "problems"—has declared today, the fifth day of December, to officially be Yelp Day, proving that he is as completely bonkers as Yelp Nation itself. Part of Mayor PlumpJack's official proclamation reads:

"San Francisco's rich culture is rooted in its history of diverse ideas and enterprises, and by promoting small businesses, Yelp helps continue this legacy by allowing viewers to search for top-rated venues within a specific neighborhood"
Heaven help us all. Someone please tell us this is a sick joke...
· It's official. San Francisco loves Yelp. [Yelp Blog, Valleywag]

*UPDATE 4:30PM—The Mayor's Office confirms that today is indeed Yelp Day. Goodness.