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A New Name For Bacchus' Cow Hollow Brasserie?

2008 just might be the year of the brasserie, with Gary Danko and Michael Mina both slated to open casual offshoots of their flagships, but let's not forget about the next city project from the Bacchus Management (Spruce, Pizza Antica et al.): Vache Brasserie on the corner of Union and Buchanan, right next door to Cow Hollow heavy-hitters Betelnut and Palmetto. Initial projections had it open sometime in the fall, but as you can see in the above plywood pic, it's still very much a work in progress (compare with October) and the date has since been pushed back to springtime at best. On a related note, Bacchus boss Tim Stannard sends word that the brasserie's name may change, which means that we've got ourselves a name game project underway in the Marina. Your submissions and Marina jokes in the comments field, if you would.
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