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First Look Inside: Glen Park's Sangha

More than a few Glen Park people have submitted recent inquiries regarding the second Chenery Street endeavor from Ric Lopez (he also owns the building that houses Le P'tit Laurent across the street). The flurry of wonder might be due to the pent-up anticipation, for as we all know, Sangha has literally been five years in the making. And at long last, the interior behind the grungy facade has finally been revealed, and from the looks of things, it could have the makings of an intimate and modern space, the likes of which Glen Park has never seen. As mentioned earlier, local artwork will grace the walls and Asian fusion will rock the plates. Last we heard, Lopez is sticking to his aim to soft open sometime in the month, but spring 2008 seems more likely. After anticipated openings in 2006 and 2007, it looks like the third year, 2008, just might be the charm.
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