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Eater Contest: Now Accepting Submissions For the "Finest" Holiday Decorations; Prize Money at Stake

The holidays are upon the city, and that means that restaurants have busted out their deliciously-tacky decorations and adorned their once-pristine windows with amateur spray paint. It's really the most aesthetically-challenged time of year, and if the creepy, blue-eyed Santa above is any indication (it is), there are plenty restaurants participating in the festivities. To spread the holiday cheer, Eater is offering $100 to the person who sends in a photo of the most outrageous holiday decorations from a restaurant or bar. Notice a storefront that is so bad it's great? Point, click and send your gaudy, gauche findings to It's the easiest $100 you'll ever make. We'll be sharing submissions from now until the New Year, so hop to it and tell your friends. It's going to be fun.