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Adventures in Cartography: This Is The Fillmore ... It's Slightly Confusing

If you've even ventured near Yoshi's or 1300 within the last several months, chances are you've noticed the myriad maps/signs advertising the $75 Fillmore Heritage Project with the tagline "This is the Fillmore ... It's Home." Not unlike a mall directory, the signs showcase a map detailing all Fillmore bars, restaurants, entertainment venues, retail stores and the like. On our most recent visit to the New Black, we finally took the time to really analyze the map—also available online (click on "neighborhood")—and given the supreme amount of detail put into Yoshi's and 1300, our findings were puzzling, to say the least. Some of the more notable curiosities:

1) Listed Under (Open) Bars: Powell's Place, the bar-free, evicted soul food joint across the street.

2) Listed Under Entertainment Venues: Mecca

3) Not Listed Anywhere: 1300

4) Listed Under "Fillmore" Restaurants: Balboa Cafe in the Marina, Absinthe and Sebo in Hayes Valley (sidenote: no other restaurants from those two neighborhoods listed)

5) Also Listed Under Restaurants: legendary apparel store Harput's "Market"

We're not saying, we're just saying. With Randy Lewis out, the only entertainment you'll get at Mecca these days is locals' reactions to the drink prices. But we do hear that Harput's has a great pre-theater menu.
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