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Plywood Report AM Edition: Baghdad 1001 Nights, SPQR

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1) Haight: Despite an initial (overly optimistic) opening date of August 1st, the first Iraqi restaurant in San Francisco remains plywooded at 682 Haight Street, near Pierce. Baghdad 1001 Nights will have a native chef preparing a host of tandooris and similar fare in what they are dubbing as an "Iraqi-style Arabic cuisine." Belly-dancers are expected to perform once they get into the swing of things. Look for Republicans to initially go to the nearby Afghan spot (Kabul City) but abandon their meal after the appetizers and opt for Baghdad 1001 Nights (We kid, we kid). Yelpers, meanwhile, are chomping at the bit.

2) Pacific Heights: The most heavily-anticipated opening in the city might be SPQR, the Roman osteria offshoot of A16. Nate Appleman and company have been mum on a definite opening date, but we did catch this Craigslist ad from last week:

SPQR- soon to be opened sister restaurant to A16 is hiring line cooks. SPQR is an Italian osteria featuring rustic Roman food. Please send resume to or stop by 1911 Fillmore street between bush and pine with resume in hand.
Like Baghdad 1001 Nights, SPQR was initially slated to open at the beginning of August in the old Chez Nous space, but the date is now looking like mid-September. When it finally opens, look for it to be the hottest new ticket in town, especially since Appleman and his best friend/partner Daniel Holzman won't be taking reservations. Because nothing says democracy like long waits.


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