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EaterWire: Tyler Florence Comes to SoMa, Sens Invades Embarcadero and MORE

SOMA—This Sunday from 3pm to 7pm, Jack Falstaff--our favorite denizen of the PlumpJack Empire--hosts the Cook-Off for Afterschool. The highlight of the afternoon will be a pair of Iron Chef-like competitions. The first will be a battle of the sexes, pitting Elizabeth Faulkner (Citizen Cake) and Christine Mullen (CAV) against Joseph Manzare (Zuppa et al.) and Hiro Sone (Ame). In the second round, television chefs take on restaurant chefs, as Tyler Florence (oh so elegantly pictured, to the right) and Joey Altman battle Craig Stoll (Delfina) and Nate Appleman (A16). Tickets start at $100 and can be purchased here. [EaterWire Inbox]

EMBARCADERO—A new Southern Mediterranean ("directly influenced by North African, Greek and Turkish cooking") eatery named Sens is rumored to be opening in the 225-seat space in Embarcadero Center that previously housed the Monte Cristo Cafe. They are hoping to debut by October. In the meantime, look for regular updates on the Plywood Report. [Chron]

MARINA—Because the Marina needs another place to provide alcohol, Laiola is now serving cocktails. [Tablehopper]

NOE VALLEY—Eater fave Incanto has announced "An Evening With Bucklin Wines." On Monday, September 17th, Chris Cosentino and winemaker Will Bucklin team up for a special, one-night-only event that will feature a quintet of "ancient" wine tastings paired with a four-course menu. $89 gets you the whole shebang. [EaterWire Inbox]

THE MISSION—Don't forget that Destino and Owner James Schenk are still collecting funds and donating a portion of their proceeds to the Peruvian earthquake aid via the Consulate General of Peru in San Francisco. If you wish to donate directly, please call 877-490-7378. [EaterWire Inbox]