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EaterSurvey: NY-SF Parallel Trends

Today, Michael's Bauer's blog entry carries the title of "Parallel trends in New York." Perhaps we are too attuned with the mothership, but at first glance, we (mistakenly) assumed that Bauer would riff on the trends that San Francisco has adopted from the NYC dining scene. After all, don't all trends—from food to fashion—stem from the Big Apple? Among the possibilities in this realm: the inundation of specialty burger joints, upscale comfort food, communal and bar dining, that damn frozen yogurt craze, and of course, pork love.

Interestingly enough, Bauer took to the opposite route, opting for NYC's debt to the Bay Area when it comes to Manhattan's newfound proliferation of wine bars and enotecas. Even more direct is the local ingredient movement, spearheaded on the East Coast by Dan Barber's Blue Hill, "who does Chez Panisse one better by growing most of the food at his farm in Hudson Valley."

So, we put it to you, dear readers: which city has a bigger influence on the restaurant world: San Francisco or New York?
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