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Pre-Plywood Report: Yoshi's, 1300 Coming

This here is the Plywood Report, your regular, all-encompassing source for the next generation of San Francisco restaurants still in various stages of construction. From splashy, big-name endeavors to smaller remodelings, we've got you covered. See something a-brewing in your neighborhood? Drop us a line. Also: bonus points and a gold star sticker if you include photos.

yoshis_sf.jpgBig news from the 1300 block of Fillmore! It seems that the city's (slowly fading?) jazz corridor will receive a massive boost in late fall. On November 28, nationally-renowned Oakland jazz club Yoshi's will debut a second venue on Fillmore Street. Artist renderings of the exterior and interior are available on Yoshi's minimalist SF website, but those who attended the press conference on Tuesday are already dishing out the juicy details on the expansion of the most well-respected jazz club on the West Coast.


The new Yoshi’s will occupy 28,000 square feet over two levels of the 13-story mixed-use building, fronting Fillmore Street and anchoring the city’s long-promised jazz preservation district ...

Designed by Morimoto, Matano & Kang Architects, the room is still essentially a skeleton at this point, all concrete and bare steel. But elegant contours are clearly visible, and some already-painted areas reveal a palette of welcoming earth tones. The restaurant area will eventually seat 370 between a main floor and a balcony lounge, with private banquet rooms and a traditional tatami room off to the sides. Executive Chef Shotaro Kamio, pointing to a vast kitchen area, promised a menu that would go well beyond sushi to incorporate the full range of contemporary Japanese cuisine.

But that's not all: also moving in the business cluster on 1300 Fillmore will be a French soul-food restaurant, simply named "1300" in some places but dubbed "Blue Mirror" in others. The Eater investigative staff is on the name discrepancy.
· New Yoshi’s Promises Big Names, Elegant Setting [FOJAZZ]

[Photo: Yoshi's SF]