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Why We Love the Bay: Lights-Out SF, Coming Soon

Yesterday, we briefly touched upon the dark-dining fad. Today, San Francisco city officials announced that the entire city will (purposely) go dark for an hour on Saturday, October 20 in an effort to bring energy-awareness to the masses. Since the event will take place on a busy Saturday night, restaurants will be front and center:

[Campaign organizer Nate] Tyler was inspired to launch Lights Out San Francisco after visiting Australia in March, he said. He was eating at a restaurant in Sydney when the whole city went dark for Earth Hour, an annual event to encourage energy savings...

The San Francisco Restaurant Association will organize candlelight dinners, and a celebration will be held at a park.

As the date nears, we'll bring you a list of participants, but this might be a good time to score reservations at restaurants that you wouldn't normally associate with intimate candlelight dinners (i.e., Aqua, Zuni). More information on the Lights Out cause can be found on the official site.

Over-under on how many times "When the lights go down in the city ..." is referenced on October 20th: 72.

UPDATE: As required by any grassroots movement these days, there's a blog involved. Because nothing says counterculture like a BLOG!
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